We help you buy and sell Stoughton MA Investment Properties.

Are you looking to buy or sell an investment property in Stoughton MA?  We specialize in assisting real estate investors with both the acquisition of new investment properties as well as the sale of existing real estate portfolios.  Some of the important things to consider when looking to buy or sell Stoughton MA investment properties are:

Stoughton MA investment propertiesAre there repairs needed?  We strongly suggest a formal home inspection as well as a walkthrough with a qualified general contractor before buying an investment property.  The need for an estimated repair cost is increased when beginning your real estate portfolio.

What is the CAP Rate?  The Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) is the main calculation investors use when analyzing a property.  At it’s core the CAP Rate is the percentage of purchase price you will net each year.  For instance, when buying a $500,000 property if your net profit per year is $25,000 after expenses you would have a 5% CAP Rate.  Depending on the location, risk and price an acceptable CAP Rate can vary greatly.  Let us consult with you on an appropriate target CAP rate for any Stoughton MA investment properties you are considering.

Is there any value-add potential?  One of the biggest points we stress when analyzing Stoughton MA investment properties is potential value add scenarios.  This is a crucial way you can purchase a property and maximize it’s return quickly.  When we look at value add potential we consider things like adding bedrooms, parking, and amenities such as Central AC and define the cost to do so along with the upside potential after completion.  On investment properties in Stoughton MA you can add significant value to a rental by swapping it from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom unit, we help to analyze opportunities for value add potential and calculate the benefits for you.

For every client looking to buy an investment property in Stoughton MA or elsewhere in the Greater Boston area we look to have a quick phone consultation first to go over your specific needs.  To request a confidential phone consultation please click here.

Selling a Stoughton MA investment property?  

We work in three main ways to assist property owners in selling their investment properties all over Massachusetts.

#1 We Buy the Property - We are always looking to add to our portfolio of properties and when the timing, terms, and property meet our criteria we are able to buy your property from you and many times can do so quickly and hassle free.  To begin this process we typically begin with an initial walkthrough and can typically go over your options shortly after.

#2 We Sell the Property to one of our Qualified Investors - This process is also a very simple one in that we bring you a qualified investor who is ready and able to buy your Stoughton MA investment property and we broker the deal between them and you.  It is a mutually beneficial program as they get access to a property that is not publicly available and you will typically pay little to no commission.

#3 We Publicly Market the Property - Sometimes the best way to get top dollar for your Stoughton MA rental property is to publicly list it on MLS as well as allow us to market the home to investors, owner occupants and more.  We consistently sell homes for top dollar this way and include a full prospectus for potential investors, customized marketing campaign and more.  This option maximizes the exposure for your property, however, it also increases the cost of the commission and likely includes a more rigorous home inspection.

With each potential client we engage to discuss selling an investment property we go over all options and decide which is best for your specific situation.  Want to set up a consultation to go over your Stoughton MA investment properties?  Enter your information at the bottom of this page.

To request an automated free home value report for your Stoughton, MA property go to http://www.massachusettshomevalue.com/

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