Stressless Selling Method

Our Stressless Selling Method helps growing families find the space they need in Boston’s suburbs.

setting the table.

The start of our journey is a visit to your current home. It might not be big enough. It might lack a bathroom or the right backyard. Our goal during this visit is to not only view the home but find out why you originally fell in love with it. We'll also use this time to suggest any improvements needed to sell your home for as much as possible. During our visit, we'll record any updates you’ve made to the home as well. This will help in working out the current market value.

Now that we’ve seen your current home we'll shift the focus to your new dream home. We use our extensive questionnaire to find out what’s most important for your next step. We'll then go over these answers to set up your home search going forward. With your goals in hand, we'll dig deeper. Next, we'll work on starting the updates and upgrades to your current home. While we schedule that, you’ll prepare to finance your next home in your dream town and school district. You'll go through the pre-approval process with a trusted lender we provide.

seller prep.

Now we'll prep your home for sale! We know you’re busy with soccer games, dance recitals, or much needed family time. We bring in our team of trusted professionals and handle the project from A to Z. This can include painting rooms, decluttering and depersonalizing. This is also the time we complete any staging. Each client receives a customized Seller Action Plan. This spells out each step we need to take and is based on your needs specifically. Don’t want to spend that vacation money you’ve saved for these updates? We’ve got you covered too! Compass Concierge allows you to take a 0% interest loan with no fees to make sure your home shines. Simply pay back the cost of the updates at closing!

After finishing this plan, we start on your home’s marketing. This includes photos, a 3D tour, and paid social ads. We'll use these to advertise the property and get as many qualified eyes as possible on your home. Now we're prepared to wow buyers! Before listing, we do a final look at the current market. We may suggest a small tweak to the listing price. Any changes here position you to get you the highest price!

the next chapter.

We start your home search by using the info we've already received. We'll narrow down the home search for your dream home. We’ll hone in on your favorite towns and school systems. We will also make sure to look at home’s that offer you the space and layout your current home lacks for you and your family. Next, we start to view homes for sale. We also will look at private sale options and use direct mail to find new sellers. You'll use our custom calculator to estimate the monthly cost of each home. When viewing homes we'll adjust our search as our must-haves change. Once we find a home you love we discuss pricing and the offer.

We work together to achieve the best deal for you. Now we'll have our home inspection. After this, we move forward and sign the Purchase and Sale contract.

listing is live.

It’s time to list your current home. We use the newest technology to put your home in front of the right buyers at the right time. Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon only to see it over and over again? We use the same technology for your home! Buyers won't be able to miss your home online! On top of the custom ads, we'll also reach out to the agents most likely to represent a buyer for a home like yours.

It's listing day! We're open for business. Your home looks beautiful and we begin showing buyers. When we receive an offer we'll review exactly what it means for you. After this review, we'll either accept the offer or begin our negotiation. In the end, we'll decide on the best path forward for you and your family. Congrats! We accepted an offer! The buyers have given us the OK after their inspection and you're that much closer to your dream home. Now your attorney will negotiate the terms of your Purchase & Sale contract before signing.

end of the journey.

Our main goal is to get both transactions to the finish line. You're busy packing and tying up any loose ends. We're handling the final steps in selling your current one. We ensure that all sale requirements get completed before closing and coordinate everything. Now it’s time for the final walkthrough at both homes! We're so close!

We’ve made it! You’ve closed on your dream home and sold your previous home! Sit back and relax, you've earned it! We recommended the best movers in the area to assist you with the transition and it went great! But wait... our relationship doesn’t end there! We keep an updated database of the best vendors in the area and are here for you as you settle into your new home!